When it comes to borrowing money, the interest rates charges is the single most determining factor. Numerous potential borrowers are scared off by the exorbitant rates charged by banks and other financial institutions on loans. Likewise, the potential borrowers can be equally attracted by low personal loans APR.

What Are Some Of The Lowest Interest Rate Personal Loans?

Before borrowing, always look out for the lowest personal loans interest rates available in the market. When it comes to finances, every dime counts. You do not want to settle for an expensive loan while there are cheaper alternatives, do you?

So, what APR is considered to be “low”?

Well, generally any personal loan with an interest rate of less than twelve percent is considered to be a low-interest personal loan. Generally, low-interest rate personal loans will have an APR ranging from four to twelve percent. Not everyone can secure the low-interest rates personal loans. There are some criteria one must fulfill to qualify for such loans. Some of the requirements include:

  • Good credit score

Credit scores measure the levels of one creditworthiness. A credit score of lower than 500 is considered poor. A score of 500-639 is considered fair, 640 to 719 is considered good, and any score above 720 is considered excellent.Best Personal Loans Interest Rates Today

These scores tell the lender at a glance whether you are a good debtor or a credit risk. Therefore helping them determine your interest. Having a good or an excellent credit score will place you in a better position of landing personal loans lowest APR.

  • High income

People with six-figure incomes stand a greater chance of getting the lowest interest rates charged by the lender. It is because they pose a minimal credit risk and will experience fewer challenges when it comes to repayment.

  • Excellent financial history

Having a good income is not enough, you must also have a good borrowing track record. Unfortunately, In the financial world, people are judged by their past. A history of default and delayed payment may significantly increase the APR you will be given a loan.

Personal loans with the lowest APRPersonal loans with the lowest APR

Personal loans interest rates in USA are normally given as a range, for instance, personal loans from Lending tree come with interest rates between 5.99% and 35.99%. This means that two people can get the same loan from the same institution but with totally different interest rates. Checking the lowest APR offered by the lenders will help you settle for cheaper loans. The best way to know for sure the interest rates that you will be charged is by visiting the official websites of the lenders. These websites contain an online calculator that runs a hypothetical scenario and uses the data you provide to calculate the interest rates that you will be charged. Do this on all the lenders you have shortlisted before settling for the lender with the friendliest terms.

Firms Offering Average Interest Rates for Personal Loans

Most of the times, the requirement for getting a personal loan with low-interest rates is unachievable for many. This calls for borrowers who do not meet the criteria for low interest to settle for the average interest rate on personal loans. Very few customers are offered the lowest interest rates, the rest of the borrowers are normally given loans with APRs ranging between 15% and 29%.

One of the firms offering average interest rates on loans with other fair terms is Vouch. Vouch is a lender that finances their loans without outsourcing. Their system of lending is one based on trust as opposed to collaterals. In this system, your friends will be able to vouch for you into landing loan deals with good interests. They have an option of pledging some amount of money against your loan. This pledge becomes due when you are unable to make your monthly payments. The more the people you have vouching for you, the better APR you are likely to get. The people vouching for you will not be aware of the terms of the loan, this measure ensures the privacy of your financial information.

Vouch loans review. Why you should consider taking a personal loan from vouch:

  • Personalized lending system. Vouch has been able to bring the personal touch back into the loan business. You can have your friends and family vouch for you when applying for the loan.
  • Average APR. No matter how bad your credit risk is, you will never be charged more than 29.99% in interest.
  • Flexible payment period. Vouch allows its borrowers to take between one to three years to pay back the money. Owing to the low nature of the amount allowed to be borrowed, this period is ample enough for a comfortable repayment.

The only negative Vouch loans reviews are on the amount of interest charged and the maximum amount of money that can be borrowed. The lowest interest rate offered by Vouch is 10.68%, this is way higher than 3.09% offered by Monevo.

Interest Rates by Lender: Average Interest Rate for Personal Loans

In the USA, interest rates on unsecured personal loans range from 5% to 36%. There are very few lenders who defy the odds by either offering lower or higher APRs. Within the average range, most loans have their interest rates clustered somewhere between 15 and 25 percent. It is mainly because many borrowers have average credit scores. They can only qualify for personal loans with slightly higher interest rates. The average American has a credit score of 687. Such a credit score will enable the person to borrow money but will not guarantee the best interest rate.

To secure the best interest rate on personal loans, one must have an impeccable credit history, good six-figure income an impressive DTI and an excellent credit score. Only when one has these will he/she be able to land the lowest interest rates.